arnd stein - wellness and meditation (2006)
arnd stein - wellness and meditation (2006)
genre: instrumental/ambient | release: 2006 | 1cd | label: vtm | mp3 | 320 kbps | 108 mb
1 temple of meditation 7:48
2 vision of life 7:04
3 vibrations 6:21
4 deep feelings 6:49
5 healing power 7:06
6 mental ballance 6:41
7 night-walk 6:21

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rage ($)2009($) 720p bluray x264-bright

rage (2009) 720p bluray x264-bright
english | 720p bluray x264-bright | mkv | avc 1280x720 4867kbps 23. 976fps | dts 1510kbps 6ch 48khz | 1hr 39mn | 4. 36gb
genre: drama
director: sally potter
cast: adriana barraza, patrick j. Adams, riz ahmed
plot: a young blogger at a new york fashion house shoots behind-the-scenes interviews on his cell-phone.

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dogfighter tinyiso pc

dogfighter-tinyiso (pc) | 486mb
using a state-of-the-art flight model and controls, ensure that players will have unprecedented command of dogfighter
cadwork suite v18 pre-install

cadwork suite v18 pre-install | 4,57 gb

cadworkis the leading 3d-cad/cam system for all fields of timber construction. Using a variety of specialized modules it offers a complete solutionfrom drafting to manufacturing.

cadwork includes all solutions,from architecture through all sectors of the wood construction, interiordecoration and furniture. Its versatility also enables us to meet theneeds of other building types such as concrete, steel, metal and others.

adaptedto each field of activity, cadwork offers tailored solutions consistingof different modules. Most packages are made available to the modules,2d and 3d, lists and automatic shop drawings. The basic cadworktimberpack mentioned above already includes all the features necessaryto complete 100% of any building including complex 3d editing,manufacturing plans, and parts listing.

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